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Glimples are designed to uplift mental health and human connection

Deep, meaningful human connections and expression are key to health and happiness. Below are video captures of our pre-beta Glimpulse app creating glimples and several samples of glimples people have received (no app needed to receive a glimple!)  

4 simple steps to create and send the grateful, loving impulse to the people that matter. 

1) Choose a beautiful glimple to express
2) Add a photo or media that touches their heart
3) Add your personal message
4) Send over iMessage, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Insta, Slack and more.


You do not need the app to receive a glimple of love, gratitude, celebration or friendship. It is like passing notes in life, or a personalized, interactive, intimate greeting card that touches the hearts of those closest to you.  We have award-winning artists/photographers/creators enthusiastically "glimpifying" their creations to share their talents throughout the world, in a positive way.  Soon we will equip artists/musicians and creators to  monetize their talents (via purchases of digital artist collections of glimples, original art prints or merchandise such as mugs, apparel, posters and more).   The joy that creators receive by knowing their art is uplifting others and healing the planet is one of the reasons they love glimpulse. 


We are in discussions with museums and educators who wish to add their art and children's art to the collection of glimples. 


In addition, we have numerous non-profits and causes for good that are partnering with Glimpulse by creating glimples that reinforce their values and mission for their members and constituents to share. Existing partnerships include,,, and more.

Glimples are fun, simple, powerful way to foster well-being and mental health through human connection -- a key factor to mental health & human happiness. Anxiety, depression, disconnection and loneliness are at Epidemic highs, globally. 13% of the World suffers from Anxiety and 1 in 4 US children, the same.  As the documentary Social Dilemma demonstrated, existing social media fuel these problems.  Our team of PhD Neuroscientists, self-help experts, mindfulness trainers, art therapists and media execs has designed Glimpulse to address this serious problem, at scale, in a fun, easy, gamified way to use across generations.  It is simple -- connection and health via a glimple -- a new form of digiceutical for well being at scale.  Like gummy vitamins, people love glimples, they are yummy and good for you at the same time.  


Glimpulse is about raising the pulse of people's mental, emotional, and even physical well-being.  By applying our expertise in neuroscience, positive psychology, mindfulness and creative therapy, we have created a powerful modality of well-being for today's always connected mobile audience.    

We thank you for helping share the grateful, loving impulse on this planet.  


The Glimpulse team













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