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Eliza Mountcastle Shah

eliza's edited headshot Feb 2019.webp

Dr. Eliza Mountcastle Shah studied neuroscience at Harvard University receiving her M.S and Ph.D. in Genetics and Neurodevelopment. She completed a post-Doctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins Medical Institute and the National Human Genome Research Institute in Genetics and Public Policy Studies.  She specialized in communication between Journalists and Scientists and it’s role in Innovation and Technology Transfer.

Eliza has served corporate clients in the areas of innovation, strategy, productive communications, leadership, workplace health and bias, mindful management, worker engagement, and team building. 

Eliza has deeply studied human transformational practices – in companies, educational institutes, governments and communities. She has developed special expertise in organizational behavior, productive reasoning, cross-cultural and inter-generational communications and worker engagement. She has worked with technical talent – engineers, scientists, and researchers her entire career.

Eliza has been active in Hospice care for 20 years. She is also a contemplative musician specializing in voice and harp music delivery as a palliative care modality and is an Ambassador of the Chalice of Repose School of Music Thanatology. Eliza is a mother to four children, a rescue dog (Shadow) and rescue cat (Luna).   

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