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Glimpulse™ and Well Being

The Needs Glimpulse addresses:

In a world of constant messaging and pervasive social networking, anyone familiar with mobile behavior knows that many people are extremely frustrated with today’s social media platforms.This is due to the overwhelming number of useless posts, judgment, superficiality, vanity, drama, violence, comparisons, bullying, in-authenticity and negativity that is being shared. Scientific, psychological and sociological studies are clearly confirming what is evident to social media users, HR executives and parents: Today’s social media can cause anxiety, disconnection, social isolation, weaker family function, workplace stress, shallow friendships, envy, insecurity, poor self-esteem or depression. Also, on many platforms, users are inundated with advertisements telling them they are overweight, have ugly skin, need bigger muscles, or are just not good enough as they are, lowering their self-esteem and adding stress.

Despite this, messaging has become the defacto means of communicating for most people. As a result, people are losing their ability to have rich, authentic relationships. People are becoming unpracticed at authentic sharing and conversations with friends, coworkers and family in the online world and in the real world. Not a pretty picture. We are doing something about it, for ourselves, our children and the World. It is beautiful and it works.

Glimpulse increases the Space of Happiness. According to science, when people experience happiness they have less pain, less doctors visits, less depression, higher self-esteem, higher incomes, richer relationships and greater personal fulfillment and well-being. Who doesn’t want that?

Especially if it’s fun, intuitive, powerful & fast.

The Solution - The Glimpulse app

The Glimpulse app enriches lives and the connections between us through simple moments of sharing “a glimple”.

A glimple is like a Tweet, a Snap, emoticon or FB update and so much more. You always feel good creating, sending, receiving or sharing a glimple. That is how they are designed, a “scientifically- engineered” digital hug, with no side effects!

A glimple is an authentic expression of gratitude, love, inspiration or celebration. We are incorporating the art and science of human expression into a new social messaging modality which transforms lives by transforming the moments we share. Glimples allow people to express themselves with authenticity, positivity and in a new powerful way.

Customers want to return to the app time and time again to dive into the feeling of joy, love and connection with friends, family and coworkers without the negativity of other social media platforms.

We are taking text-based messaging, photo sharing, emoticons and bitmoji’s to a whole new level of expression. With increased focus on Fitbit, biometrics and “quantified self,” Glimpulse is creating the first app that focuses on Social Biometrics and Quantified Emotional Self - essential components of any organizational or personal wellness approach.

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Dec 26, 2020

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