Flirting with a twist! Glimpulse is an experience that can enrich the connections between the people who love you for who you are. It has been proven to give us well-being emotionally and in relationships.


Glimpulse is a fun experience that sweetens our lives and the connections between us through simple moments. Sending glimples can be a fun way to create authentic connections between true friends and family.


Positive energy encompasses Glimpulse. Glimpulse is creating an experience that helps fulfill what every human needs: Love, Meaning, Happiness, Self-esteem, Well-being and Authentic Relationships. Sending glimples allows us to lift one another up


Our team is applying cutting edge thinking from neuroscience, positive psychology, human communications, self-help, spirituality and more to create an experience that uplifts your moment and deepens your connections - whether you are young or young at heart!

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